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Hi, I'm Kenya

Your Personal Online Yoga Coach

Wife, Mom, and Certified Yoga Coach.

My specialty is creating customized yoga sequences that will help you build confidence, strength, and flexibility from the comfort of your own home.

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The From My Mat to Yours Podcast is where I share what helped me elevate my personal yoga practice as well as my business.  

Learn tips, and tricks for your yoga journey.

Learn from the mistakes, and struggles, I share to help you avoid the same. 

Elevate your home practice

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Yoga for Beginner;

A great way to start.

30-Day Yoga Journal to help you reflect on your daily practice

A Guide to help you start meditation and discover what is your level.

The Key to a Consistant Home Yoga Practice

Starting or maintaing a Home yoga practice can be hard.  We can easily allow our distractions get in the way.  Which lead us to fall behind or feel stuck during our yoga journey. The Key to a consistant home yoga practice is developing a plan and creating a routine you can stick to.  You can start getting back on track by unlocking your access to our free library of resources.

The Blog

Whether you're wondering how to start to keep a consistent yoga practice, what my go-to yoga products are this month or how I've balanced work and self-care lately, you should check out the latest posts on the blog. 

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Hey there!

Helping busy moms excites me!

Starting a consistent yoga practice is not as hard as you think. I share glimpses of my everyday yoga journey - what I wear, products I use, favorite poses, yoga struggles, and more. If that's your sort of thing - you know, the life of a yogi - then you are in the right place. 

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