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Join The Yoga Starter Club and Start Your Yoga Journey Today

Are you new to yoga and looking for a way to get started on your journey? The Yoga Starter Club is the perfect place for you! Our club is designed specifically for beginners, and we provide all the resources and support you need to develop a consistent and fulfilling yoga practice. Whether you're looking to reduce stress, increase flexibility, or improve your overall well-being, The Yoga Starter Club can help you achieve your goals.


When you sign up for our beginner yoga coaching program, you'll receive:

Here are just a few of the benefits of our beginner yoga coaching program:

  • Access to our library of beginner-friendly yoga classes, including video tutorials and audio guides.

  • Personalized coaching sessions with Kenya our certified yoga instructor to help you refine your practice and achieve your goals.

  • Exclusive access to our private community, where you can connect with other members, ask questions, and share your progress.

  • Monthly challenges and workshops to help you stay motivated and inspired.

  • A personalized practice plan, tailored to your goals and preferences, to help you stay on track and progress at your own pace.

  • Discounts on products and upcoming retreats/events.


"Working with Kenya has been a game-changer for my yoga Practice. She has helped me to develop the flexibility to reach my toes without any discomfort, build strength I did not know I had and bring my stress levels down." - Wanda, yoga Member

Why Choose this membership

  • Tailored for Beginners: The club is designed specifically for beginners, so you'll never feel overwhelmed or lost.

  • Certified Instructor: You will have direct access to Kenya our certified yoga teacher with years of experience, so you'll always receive personalized and expert guidance.

  • Community Support: Our private community is a great place to connect with other beginners and receive support, motivation, and inspiration.

  • Convenient and Affordable: You can practice yoga from the comfort of your own home and at a fraction of the cost of traditional studio classes.

Start Today!

Don't wait to start your yoga journey! Join The Yoga Starter Club today and start your transformation. You'll receive all the resources and support you need to develop a consistent and fulfilling yoga practice, no matter your level of experience. Sign up now and take the first step towards a healthier, happier, and more balanced life!

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