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Welcome to SimplyFitandCurvyYoga!

Transform Your Life Through Yoga: Discover Inner Strength and Improved Health

Hey Beautiful Soul!
Are you seeking support to supercharge your yoga practice and transform your life?

At SimplyFitandCurvyYoga, I wholeheartedly believe in your ability to establish a consistent yoga practice that you can truly be proud of. Let me guide you on this incredible journey, so you can experience increased energy, improved health, and inner strength, all while becoming more flexible.

Here's What I Offer

The Yoga Growth Club

A Monthly membership designed for Yoga Beginners who need support and clarity to practice yoga with ease at their own pace.

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1:1 Yoga Coaching

For people who want undivided attention, curated mentorship, and to start building consistent yoga routine without the stress.

Practice with Purpose

An 8-week Live mastermind program for yoga beginners who are ready to invest into themselves and elevate

their mind, body, and spirit. 

This Program starts 1/9/23 - ends 2/27/23

Doors are closed
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I am so glad I took this class. It was fun learning new things. I have never done Yoga before, so it was a new experience for me. The class is easier and fun with an instructor who knows how to organize and present material for an online yoga class. 

Monique S.

My Story

I've been there too...

Overcoming Challenges and Finding Balance Raising two wonderful teens while holding down a full-time job has been a real challenge. I understand the sacrifices we make as mothers, often neglecting our own well-being. Learn from my mistakes and discover the most important lessons I've learned on my journey to help you prioritize self-care and find harmony in your own life.

 Free Ebook

 Ignite Your Yoga Journey Guide Unlock the secrets to igniting your yoga journey with our comprehensive ebook. Discover practical tips, inspiring insights, and a roadmap to take your practice to the next level.

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My Mission


Helping You Grow Whether you're just beginning your wellness journey or have been practicing yoga for a while and need support to take things to the next level, I've got you covered. At SimplyFitandCurvyYoga, our mission is to empower you to grow physically, mentally, and spiritually.

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Learn More

The From My Mat to Yours Podcast

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Check out the latest episode:

How to build Self Confidence

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Weekly episodes providing tips on yoga, mindfulness, self-care and more.

Available on:

Starting a consistent yoga practice is not as hard as you think. I share glimpses of my everyday yoga journey - what I wear, products I use, favorite poses, yoga struggles, and more. If that's your sort of thing - you know, the life of a yogi - then you are in the right place. 

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