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Discover Astrology Level 1




5 days

About the Course

Looking to learn what the 12 zodiac signs really mean for you?

Are you ready to let go of all your misconceptions about astrology and discover how each sign plays a role in your design?

In this Astrology Course, we will assist you in with a map to the stars and your natural blueprint that will help you become aware of your true potential

Each day we will focus on a sign and house to help you develop a deeper understanding that works for you!

Looking at a natal chart can be confusing. By the end of this course you will gain clarity as to who you are and how to move forward plus you will gain knowledge to understand your family and friends.

Your Instructor

Kenya Marsh is a Certified Yoga Professor who offers classes at her local community college. She teaches students how to embrace their true self and empower them to discover their unlimited potential. Learn how to connect with your mind, body and spirit through her yoga, meditation courses. Discover how to heal your past karma with the help through astrology and more.

Kenya Marsh, CYT & CMT
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