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Discover Yoga Course 101




7 days

About the Course

Learn how to reduce stress with ancient breathing techniques, and 4 unique sequences to help you build strength and flexibility. All at your own pace.

Are you ready to let go of all your misconceptions about meditation, tune into your breath and get ready to find complete balance and total Zen?

During this yoga journey, we will ease you into a routine and help you reap all of the benefits yoga has to offer.

Each day we will focus on an asanas that links our mind to our body (and breath) to help you develop a practice that works for you!

Your Instructor

Kenya Marsh is a Certified Yoga Professor who offers classes at her local community college. She teaches students how to embrace their true self and empower them to discover their unlimited potential. Learn how to connect with your mind, body and spirit through her yoga, meditation courses. Discover how to heal your past karma with the help through astrology and more.

Kenya Marsh, CYT & CMT
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