Intention Setting with Crystals Journal

Create The Life You’ve Always Wanted


Dear Self Doubt,

It’s time I move on…

It’s not me, it’s you

And I’m ready to create a life I can be proud of


Get The Intention Setting With Crystals Journal To Manifest Your Beautiful Life


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  • In less than 10 minutes, you can set your intention that will manifest what you want

  • Keep up with crystals that you program and which properties match the desires you want to manifest

  • An easy way to track the results of your intentions


This is for serious spiritual individuals who are ready to manifest what they want.


You’re tired of self-doubt and the things life has been handing to you. You’re ready to finally take the reins and make things happen.


You know you have the energy. You have the desire. You just need the universe on your side.


The problem?


All of the Law of Attraction stuff you’re listening to is obscure, not easy to follow, and doesn’t tell you what you need to do.


So you wind up with zilch. Nada. Nothing. Or little to no results.


If you’re rather spending your time working with a proven way to manifest your intentions using crystals, then the Intention Setting Journal with Crystals is the solution.


Imagine dramatically increasing the results of your intentions by 3x or more using crystals.


Use the Intention Setting Journal with Crystals…


  • Set intentions with your chosen crystals

  • Program your crystals to ensure the universe is on your side

  • Know when and what crystals need care

  • Track your intentions to measure results

  • Remember the properties of crystals to know which ones to select the next time you want to manifest what you desire


What You Receive with the Intention Setting Journal with Crystals


  • [Number] of pages in A4 and 8.5” x 11” format

  • Bright, colorful watercolor images used in the journal

  • Easy to follow pages to journal your intentions and keep up with tracking


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But Hurry, Your Awesome Life Is Waiting For You


If you’re on the fence, consider this. Would you prefer to go another year stuck in the same pattern? Or would you rather see movement towards what you desire in your life now?


Using the Intention Setting Journal with Crystals helps you start to manifest your desires. I can’t say that what you desire will happen in 3, 6, or 12 months, especially if it is a huge ASK to the universe, but it is possible. I’ve seen it happen.


And depending on what you are asking about, you can start to see results very quickly towards what you desire.


The universe opens up opportunities and your eyes to them so that you can say YES to accept them when you start setting your intentions with crystals.


So aren’t you ready to manifest your beautiful life? The life you really want? The job? Career? Relationship?


If yes, then get the Intention Setting Journal with Crystals for the low price of $[enter price] for a limited time.


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