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Avoid these Five Mistakes that Blocks Productivity

Did you know that some things you think are helping your productivity are actually keeping you from being productive?

Here are 5 mistakes you might be making.

1. You’re creating a to-do list with too many tasks on it.

Your impossibly long to-do list that takes up several sheets of paper is a recipe for stress. There is no way you can get all the tasks done yourself. Having so many tasks keeps you from focusing on the few tasks that need to be done.

2. You’re multitasking by doing 2, 3, or more tasks at the same time.

You don’t get anyone's task done even though you have worked on several. Multitasking takes away your focus.

3. Allowing others to interrupt you constantly.

When you take your focus off your task for unimportant interruptions, you often don’t return to the task you were doing. Letting friends talk you into going out for a bite to eat when you’re working on your goal won’t get you closer to achieving that goal

4. Your attitude or the attitude of those you are working with can be destroying your productivity.

If you or members around you such as family, friends, or co-workers are constantly negative about how hard they work is or that your boss is singling you out for more work or whatever the destructive thoughts are, you are killing your productivity.

5. If stress is a big problem in your life, it can reduce how productive you are.

Stress keeps you from making decisions, working towards future goals and inhibits your creativity, innovation, and communication. I was guilty of steps 2 and 3. Which one do you relate to? The good thing is once you acknowledge and become aware of what is hindering your ability to be productive. You can now take steps to remove those obstacles. If you need help on your journey identifying your distractions and need help turning things around. Click here for how we can work together.

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About the Author:

Hey, Kenya here your new yoga bestie! Allow me to introduce myself. I am a Certified Yoga Coach who loves helping busy moms to create more balance in their lives while reducing stress by practicing yoga on and off the mat. In addition to raising two kids, I am also a Course Creator, Author and Podcast host of "From My Mat to Yours" (available anywhere you listen to your podcast) Want to work with me? Click here to check out how.

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