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Build Your Inner Mountain - Stability and Grounding in Yoga

Finding Inner Peace Through Yoga - Week 1

We're continuing our inner peace yoga challenge with Day 2. Today's focus is on feeling grounded and stable, like the solid foundation of a mountain.

Day 2: Mountain Pose - Stand Tall and Strong

Mountain pose promotes inner strength and poise. Here's how to come into the posture:

- Stand with feet hip-width apart, toes facing forward. Engage your leg muscles.

- Press your feet firmly down while lifting the arches. Feel your foundation.

- Lengthen your torso up towards the sky with an upright but relaxed spine.

- Relax your shoulders down and draw your arms alongside your body with palms facing forward.

- Lift through the crown of your head towards the sky. Lengthen your neck.

- Stand tall with your chin parallel to the ground. Gaze forward softly.

As you hold mountain pose, breathe deeply. Feel your feet grounding down as your crown reaches up. You are stable, strong and centered, like a mountain.

Affirmation: I Stand Tall and Strong, Rooted Like a Mountain

Use this grounding affirmation in mountain pose:

"I stand tall and strong, rooted like a mountain. I am grounded, centered and stable."

Repeat silently or aloud, feeling your inner strength growing with each repetition. Mountain pose creates poise from the inside out.

Join me in finding stability and balance through Mountain Pose. Share your experience with #harvestinnerpeace23 on instagram/facebook @simplyfitandcurvyyoga. Keep climbing toward inner peace.

Let me know if you would like me to expand or modify this post in any way. I can also add more details about the benefits of Mountain Pose. Looking forward to creating the remaining posts for your inspiring yoga journey!

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