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Hello 20201!

Welcome to January 2021

January has come and gone so fast. The year started out promising Full of new Hope and new beginnings. During the first week of January a lot of that has changed there is a massive shift in energy thanks to the incident that occurred at the Capitol Hill in Washington DC. The world got a chance to see what this country really looks like with no make up on.

January allowed this country to show some of it's true colors. The world got a chance to get a glimpse of what some of the citizens have been saying all along. I feel January was all about bringing awareness to a lot of deep rooted issues and was a deep reflection as far as the work we have cut out for ourselves in months and years to come.

Personally I had the intention of working toward elevating as I do every year. However my energy has shifted. I realized there were still much-needed internal work to be done before I can share my energy with others.

I started to research about shadow working. For those of you who do not know what that is, shadow work is when you work on facing your pass skeletons or your shadow. Think of it as you versus the old are you.

This is where you can go as far back as two locating when you first experience some sort of trauma as a child and look back to providing healing to that child. Because believe it or not we still walk around with that inner child that may be afraid/shy/angry/sad, etc and that is still holding ourselves back. Once you face your shadow you will realize that you are complete. You will feel free and no longer feel that void of emptiness.

So outside of working on my inner self I've decided to shift my energy for the rest of the year into one main thing each month for several different categories.


My commitment is becoming more present. In order to do that for my relationship I started to place my phone on do not disturb, so I can actually enjoy the quality time with my husband and our kids. This is what truly being present means to me.


When it comes time to my well being and when I need to exercise, I set do not disturb on my phone and I only play my music so my focus is on whatever body part that I'm working on that given day.

To take the fitness even further for me I've add it my reminders onto my phone to pop up a day before and 20 minutes before I need to work out and I set a goal to at least get a minimum of three workout days in so if I miss working out five days I know I did my minimum which is three.

I created is juicing challenge for myself to just focus on doing two weeks I'm out I know going beyond those two weeks is 10 challenging for me and not so doable so I gradually work with the two week mark take a break and then jump back in that gives my body time to address and cleanse itself .


I'm working on shifting gears instead of teaching just weekly classes. I will be shifting my energy towards helping a group of individuals who really want to transform the lives and are ready to commit to a healthy lifestyle with extra support. I've developed a program that allow me to help you do just that. This program will only be available for a limited time

I'm just focus on doing it one time this year and that way I can have people commit to three months and depending on how that turns out I may open it up again later on this year but this is going to allow me to shift my energy to just that small group and build a community around freely trying to bring a change and taking actionable steps while celebrating small victories each week and every month.

If you are interested in joining this program join the wait list so you could know when the doors will open up and we can work together for three months.

If you would like to share the lessons that you learned from January. Leave a comment below.


Every month you can explore new ways to practice self-care and learn new yoga poses.

visit to learn more.

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