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How to Create a Yoga Podcast

How to create a Yoga Podcast

Tips to help you set up a successful and smooth podcast:

  • Create an outline - Include your intro, talking points, and outro.

  • Pick a good Hosting software for you to share your podcast on iTunes, google play, Spotify, and more.

  • Pick a nice quiet space

  • Set up your recording software (Garage band for mac/ audacity for windows)

  • Start talking

Don't worry about making the perfect podcast. Releasing the first can be nerve-racking but overtime you will get better and use it. First, you have to give it a try.

Here is a list of Tools I am currently using for my podcast:

Hp Envy Laptop

Lapel Mic

Software - Audacity (Free on Windows)

Hosting - Bzzsprout

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Why I decided to go with BzzSprout

Bzzsprout provides a great user interface and made it easy and comfortable to upload a podcast. They provide you with a website which is great if you don't have your own set up as yet. Getting your content on to services such as iTunes, GooglePlay, Spotify and more has been a wonderful experience.

Plus they give you a free account with 2 hours of recording time to get you started (also comes with the website option).

Just keep in mind the recordings on the free account expire after 90 days, so I would recommend upgrading to one of their affordable plans. I just upgraded to the $12/mo plan to keep my recording and get 3 hours which is plenty for me.

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Want to check them out? Just click here to start your free account.


You can listen to some of the episodes of my podcast here.

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