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How to Keep a consistent Yoga Practice

10 Best practices to help you keep a consistent yoga Practice

Practicing yoga can be challenging at times if you do not start off with a plan. Sometimes the biggest hurdles yogis run into is keeping a consistent practice.

We start off full of energy after taking a few classes or watching a few videos and then life happens.

When you hit a wall or encounter frustrations, you tend to put your health or practice to the wayside and ignite the wheel of procrastination.

If this sounds all too familiar, then you found this article just at the right time.

Having a solid yoga practice can make a big difference in your quality of life. Having consistent practice can help you improve your health, gain deeper knowledge of self and much more.

A steady routine will be the key to seeing growth and progression.

Here are some tips to help you keep your practice consistent

1. Discover you're why:

Why are you practicing in the first place. What are your intentions? What is your goal?

2. Make your practice a priority:

You need to pull out your phones and block out some time. Set an appointment with yourself on your calendar.

3. Set boundaries:

Make it known to family and friends you cannot be bothered at the time you picked: Unless they plan on practicing with you.

4. Change up your routine:

Sometimes you can get bored doing the same routine. I get it happens to the best of us. Check out new poses for inspiration and try something new.

5. Join a yoga challenge:

The best place to find a challenge is on Instagram. Every month there is something new to help you keep the edge on your physical practice.

6. Join a support group:

There are many groups out there. Especially on Facebook. I just created one called Elevated Yogis.

7. Connect with an accountability partner:

Pick someone that will hold you to your promise. Sometimes with could use that extra push. Make it fun. (make a bet if you miss your daily practice you will buy them dinner, If you keep your promise they owe you)

8. Keep a journal share:

Write in your journal every day to reflect on what worked for you and what did not work and plan how to improve the next day. You can get a free 7-day Journal to start you off by clicking here.

9. Celebrate your small victories:

Every time you show up your yoga mat (even for only 10 mins)

10. It is not all about the physical postures, so if your body is not into it.

You can still practice meditation or pranayama.

They key to take from this is to keep it simple, exciting, and honor your body.

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Want to hear more about How to keep a consistent yoga practice? Check out this podcast.

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