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Meditation Techniques and Practices to Get You Started


How often have you heard you need to return to center when meditating? Simply put, centering means to return to your home base. Throughout your day, your night and your week, check in with yourself. How many times do you find yourself thinking about a million things all at the same time?

With so many activities and responsibilities to take care of, it’s easy to get caught up in the daily mindset of having a busy mind. Centering will help to gently and easily guide you back to your central foundation.

That foundation is, or at least should be, one of peace. When meditating, you will begin the practice of gently bringing your thoughts back to the present moment of awareness. You will begin to train your mind not to think upon anything else other than what’s in the present moment.


Grounding is similar to rooting. You ground yourself when you connect to the energy of the earth. Walking barefoot in the grass or standing outside while your bare feet connect with the earth is a great way to ground yourself.

Nature has a way of healing us and when we connect with nature, it’s like a return home. While it’s not always possible to get out barefoot in the grass or dig your bare feet into the mud, you can always use your imagination. While it might sound unusual, the act of visualization incorporated with meditation works wonders.

You can start by getting as comfortable as you can. For some, this means sitting on a blanket or pillow on the floor. For others, it means lying on their back on the bed. And still others find much success standing up imagining their feet grounding into the earth.

Imagine you are standing tall in a forest deep in the woods somewhere. Begin to breathe in slowly on a count to five. When you breathe in, take some time to create a statement that has a positive affirmation to it.

You could even envision you are breathing in new energy as you prepare to release stagnant old energy. As you envision yourself connecting the soles of your feet to the grounds and roots of the earth, you can also imagine filling up those roots with pure light energy.

The next step is to breathe out and release all the old stagnant energy. The point is to visualize as you meditate on what you want. If you want to release limiting fears and beliefs, then you need to envision new life entering your body as you release stagnant thoughts.

Focusing on Your Breath

You’ve probably heard the saying that you need to focus on breath, but there is more to this statement than meets the eye. Focusing on breath resets your sense of self. It brings you back to center, and helps you to focus on the simple act of breathing in and out so that you can practice mindfulness.

When you focus on breath, you focus on where you are at in the present moment. Present moment practices allow you to quiet and calm your mind. Without focus on the breath, this is not easy to achieve.

As you breathe in, envision all good things you want to create. Picture white light entering your body and resetting your life force. As you breathe out, picture all the negativity leaving your body and making way for the next light breath.

Protective Shielding

As part of the meditation routine, you can adopt a way to incorporate protective shielding into your life. Shielding is simply another form of visualization. However, with shielding you are protecting your own self from negative energies.

Some people are more sensitive than others. When this happens, it’s easy to take on the energies of other people. It’s easy for other people to say to toughen up or not be so sensitive, but unless you are an empath, you don’t quite understand how difficult this is.

Take on the practice of imagining a shield of protection surrounding you. If you are the claustrophobic type, then picture a shield rather than an encasing. However, it has to show up for you is how it will work best. As you meditate on this vision, you will feel more comfortable in places where comfort is not optimal.

Imagine yourself entering a board meeting or a party where you don’t know or necessarily like anyone there. This could be the perfect time to take on the practice of shielding.

Taking on the practice of shielding is the perfect way to prepare yourself for uncomfortable events. A little preparation in meditating goes a long way.


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