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Mercury Retrograde June 2020: What makes this one so special?

Mercury Retrograde starts from June 18th to July 12th.

Before we look into what that means for this year, let us discuss what it is first...

What is a Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury is the planet of our mental energy. Mercury affects how we absorb, process, and exchange information. The transiting Mercury affects the mental energy collective consciousness.

Retrograde is when a planet's energy is turned within. The term retrograde comes from the Latin word retrogradus, which literally means“backward step.”

A Mercury Retrograde is a process of when a planet appears to go backward in its orbit, as viewed from Earth.

When You look at the Astrological Meaning: When Mercury goes into retrograde our mental energy is turned inwards. It affects outside energies that deals with how we communicate. This is the time to go within and search for internal answers as opposed to external answers.

There are 3 Mercury Retrogrades in 2020.

1. February 16th - March 9th

2. June 18th - July 12

3. October 13th - November 3rd

Each Retrograde brings forth some heavy energies.

Let us look at the timelines of each one.

During the first retrograde of the year (02/16 - 03/09) the Coronavirus has spread fast and wide causing shutdowns around this country and around the world. It transformed the way we conducted business, meetings, school, activities, and such. It really made us shut down and go within

  • A lot of parents were able to gain a new perspective on how it feels to teach their own kids and see what some teachers experienced first hand.

  • A lot of people lost their jobs and had to stay home during the stay at home orders put in place by various governors.

  • A lot of people lost their lives.

  • As a society what we considered to be normal was no longer the case.

  • Emotions were all of the places. Kids did not get to have graduation ceremonies, kids did not get attend their proms, schools went virtual.

In light of all the trials we faced we keep pushing through. We kept showing up. We kept going.

  • We got a chance to spend more time at home with our kids and families

  • We got a chance to connect with other family members and friends and a new way

  • We got a chance to learn new skills from home

  • We got a chance to eat more home-cooked meals

  • We got a chance to understand our children a little more

  • We got a chance to understand and appreciate all of the essential workers.

  • We got a chance to connect with ourselves and God or higher power in a special way

  • We got a chance to realize what truly matters to us

  • We got a chance to give Earth some time to heal and breathe

  • We got a chance to give the animals space to relax

  • We got a chance to see another day

Now here we are in the second retrograde which goes from 06/18 - 07/12

We are currently carrying a lot of energy from people around the world standing up against racism and police brutality. The pain and anger are raw and heavy. People are finally acknowledging that Black Lives Matter Too. We are truly connecting and using our voices on a whole new level.

A lot of is unearthing right now and coming to the light for all to see.

I believe that during this time we all have to face our fears and new challenges head-on to overcome and be prepared for what else is in store.

I believe this window will provide us the opportunity to truly gain some personal growth.

This is the time to...


Nurture Yourself

Examine Family and Ancestral Trauma

Heal and Restore

Reconnect with loved ones

Communicate from the heart

Pay attention to your intuition

Slow down and Enjoy

Back up important documents.

Here are some affirmations to use for Mercury Retrograde:

I Stand in my Power and Trust my intuition

I release any guilt and forgive myself for not honoring myself in the past

I create space for the new to flow into my life by releasing what no longer serves me

I am free to express my unique creativity to the world in order to manifest the life of my dreams

I have the power to free myself from unconscious self-sabotaging habits

I have patience in the Divine Alignment of the Universe


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