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My 2019 In Review: Lessons to have a wonderful 2020

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

2019 has been an amazing year. I had more ups than downs. I learned so much this year from some amazing creators and yogis, but most in importantly myself.

This is my second year creating a blog post reflecting on my year. You can read my first blog review of 2018 here.

Let us first review some lessons I learned in 2019.


Multi-Tasking is not for me. This will be the last year I try to multi-task when it comes to my business. I felt I could juggle a lot. However, the problem I had with this was it made me take much longer to achieve my goal. In addition, I did not complete a lot of the task and noticed I was getting stressed out.

Create realistic yet, detailed Smart Goals. Having smart goals has helped me a lot this year. However, I realized I need to be more detail on the actual steps I will take and execute before jumping ahead to the next task.

Generate a simple system. After reaching out to my clients and students for feedback. I realize I have to keep things simple. I tend to go over board and make things complicated. I will not repeat this in 2020.

Not everyone wants you to succeed. I learned sometimes those closest to you may just want to see your downfall and not support you but want you to support them at all times. Cut these people off. Whether it is family, friends, co-workers, keep your distance.

Here are some of the things that helped me for 2019


the following allowed me to be more successful, productive and creative than I have been in the previous years.

Facing my fears. For years, I hid behind the computer, afraid to share my knowledge with the world because I feared I was not good enough. This year, I decided to face this fear head on and step out side of my comfort zone. My goal was to be more visible. In order to achieve this goal I did the following:

  • Post my public youtube reviews

  • Created Instagram TV Video series

  • Recorded a Facebook Live

  • Did a visibility challenge

  • Joined and interacted with other in Facebook groups

  • Created an Online Yoga School called Elevated Yogi Academy

  • Published my first Yoga Guide on Amazon called "Your Yoga Journey: A Great Way to Start"

  • Created my first podcast called "From My Mat to Yours" Available on iTunes, Google podcast, iHeart radio and more...

Doing these things allowed me to build more confidence to talk and engage with more people and share my expertise.

Plan. Execute. Usually, I would just go with the follow. Run with an idea in my mind and forget to follow through. I realized this method did not help me at all. So for the past 3 months of 2019, I started to write down a plan and focus on what I need to do for that plan before moving on to the next one. For 2020 I will Plan. Execute that plan. Repeat.

Get organized. I accepted the fact and learned that I have OCD and Hyper-Focused ADHD. This was a lot to accept. However, learning this allowed me to dig deeper and learn more what I need to do to stay focused. I have to focus on one task at a time until it is complete. I have to color code my planner. I have to make sure all calendars are synced and my family is up to speed. So far they have been very understanding and supportive.

Self-care is a necessity. It is extremely important to make time for yourself. It does not have to be lavish. Sometimes it could be as small as taking a 10 minute walk alone or writing in your journal to collect your thoughts. Writing in my journal for just 20 minutes the first thing in the morning has been extremely helpful for me this year.

Unplug. I cannot express this enough. It is important to unplug yourself from all technology for a at least a few hours a day and pick up a book or do something that will give your mind and eyes a break. This year I spent less on social media, because I was able to schedule my post using the Facebook creator. (Facebook creator studio allows you to schedule out all of your post on both your Facebook page and Instagram accounts, as well as IGTV.) This has been a life saver this year and saved me so much money.

Networking and Connection. Networking and making connections has helped me grow my business ventures. Thanks to the courage I build up from my visibility goal, I was able to approach other businesses and collaborate. Join the wait list for my first Wellness Workshop in NYC with some amazing panelist.

Using a Vision Board. Being a visual person. I decided to take a different approach and test out creating a virtual vision board along with using the power of law of attraction to achieve 3 major goals for 2019. My goals was to obtain a new car, new house, and new job before the year ended. It took me 12 months, along with putting my trust in the universe, paying attention to the signs around me and using daily affirmations to achieve. It. The funny part is I accomplished all three things in the month of December. I will be sharing my story in my webinar 01/03/20.


What to expect in 2020?

I will continue to Plan. Execute. Repeat.

Stay tuned for my Wellness workshop in NYC in March 2020. Click here to join the wait list.

I will be publishing a Journal, and two books.

More Courses and tutorials.

Q 1 (Jan-Mar) Elevate Your mindset and How to Elevate Your Business will be released.

Q2 (Apr-Jun) Spring into Yoga part 2 will be released

Q3 ( July - Sept) Elevate Your Chakras Course) will be released

and much more...

I already started to fill up my 2020 planner. If you are not sure which planner to get check out my selection on amazon.

“Simplyfitandcurvyyoga is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.”


Become an Elevated Yogi today and Let's work on our goals together.


About the Author:

Kenya Marsh is the founder of SimplyFitandCurvyYoga (SFCY) and Author of several books including Your Yoga Journey: A Great Way to Start. As a wife, stay-at-home mom of two, and yoga teacher. Kenya knows how challenging and beneficial a steady yoga practice can be. She understands it can be hard to start a new yoga journey alone. She created this website, along with courses, books, and more materials to help provide support to busy yogis elevate their yoga practice. You can now listen to her new Yoga Podcast called "From My Mat to Yours" available where you get your podcast.

Follow her yoga journey on Instagram @simplyfitandcurvyyoga

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