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SFCY 1-Minute Yoga Pose Hold: Upavista Konasana or Seated Wide-legged Forward Fold Holds

Welcome to SFCY Yoga Minute hold series.

Tune in every Wednesday for the release of a new pose to hold for around 1 minute.

Seated Wide legged forward fold/ upavista Konasana

In this video, we will focus on holding the Seated Wide-legged Straddle or Upavista Konasana for about 1 minute.


  • Efficiency: This yoga pose helps in improving the efficiency of the internal organs, stimulates the nerves, and increases the circulation of blood to the internal organs of the body which in turn increases their efficiency.

  • Reproductive Organs: This yoga pose helps in massaging the reproductive organs and pelvic muscles and cure any form of menstrual disorders.

  • Fat: Upavistha Konasana works well in reducing the fat around the legs, arms, tummy, and the neck. The toning of the body happens gradually with the stretch of the various muscles.

  • Therapeutic Applications: This pose is believed to be effective for curing arthritis and provides relief from the pain. This pose also helps to alleviate the pain of sciatica to a great extent. It also helps to detoxify the kidneys which ensure their smooth functioning and a healthy body.

  • Awareness: As Upavistha Konasana brings focus to the inner thigh muscles and the spine (which are considered most stiff parts of the body), the pose requires the breath to be in coordination with the movement of the body. This, therefore, brings awareness of the breath as well as the body giving room for concentration and calmness of the mind.


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In order to get here, you need a steady and consistent practice. If you slide over to the next image. You will see that my downward facing dog needed a lot of work. Back when I started my practice in 2014 I had tight hamstrings amongst other things. Over time I saw improvements and now this is where I am today.

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