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Tired of feeling tired of all the Madness

Injustice anywhere is a threat to Justice everywhere! - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

You would think that in 2020 we would not be having this type of conversation. Yet, here we are. This cycle of violence has to stop.

We have to find a way to propel pass this and get off this hamster wheel of losing more members of our community.

We need to start to realize that we are truly powerful, and how we use our resources.

As a whole, we have a lot of spending power, and it is time that we make more conscious decisions where we spend our hard-earned money.

It is time to become more mindful about who and what you support.

You can do that by....

  • Come together and share ideas

  • Using your voting power

  • Support businesses that are in support of social change

  • Support local businesses in your community

  • Educating our youth

  • Support each other

We don't know those answers but we cannot get doing the same things and expect different results.

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