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Why it is important to Reset and Spend More time with your Family during this Pandemic

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Resetting with family at the boat house

Why it is important to take time to reset

We are constantly bombarded with so much right now. Our minds are racing all over the place. Anxiety levels are increasing. It may feel like you are in a box. You need to allow time to reset.

reset by the waterfall

You may find yourself or know someone who is worried and thinking:

Is safe for me to return to work?

Am I making the right decision to go back to work?

Is it safe for my child to go to school?

Am I making the right decision to send my kid to school?

Who will I get to babysit my child if I go back to work?

When will things go back to normal?

Will it ever be normal again?

Is facemask wearing going to be our new normal?

Will there be a second stimulus?

And so much more. If you find yourself in this battle of thoughts. You are not alone. The news and social media are not you helping either.

This is why it is important to take time to reset.

Enjoying the view of the lake

When you reset you are giving your mind and body a chance to breathe.

If you find that you have been coup up in your house for months during this pandemic. Or working long hours non-stop. Make sure you take some time to reset and spend time outdoors.

How can you Reset

You made it to the summer and even though this summer is not set up like the previous ones. You can still find ways to enjoy yourself and get your mind off of work, the news, or anything else that could put you in a funk. Give yourself 24 hours free from Social Media and News. (You will be surprised how much that helps)

Just because a lot of summer camps are not set up in for in-person activities. You can still help create memories with your kids and enjoy time together.

Here are some things you can do that will help you reset and spend more time with your family.

  • Go on a nature hike

  • Go on a bike trail/walking trail in your local park

  • Visit one of your State Parks

  • Run around in the sprinklers with your kids

  • Have a water fight with your kids

  • Take a trip

  • Take a family walk around the neighborhood

  • Visit your Local Lake

  • Watch movies together (without and mobile devices or tablets)

The key here is connecting. Directly with each other without any external or outside distractions. This will help you be able to go back to work remotely or face to face feeling recharged. Try this every few weeks to fill up your mental battery so you can have the energy to keep going.


Check out my podcast to hear my experience of recharging and how I spent time with my family.


Hey, Kenya here your new yoga bestie! Allow me to introduce myself. I am a Certified Yoga Coach who loves helping busy moms to create more balance in their lives while reducing stress by practicing yoga on and off the mat. In addition to raising two kids, I am also a Course Creator, Author and Podcast host of "From My Mat to Yours" (available anywhere you listen to your podcast) Want to take one of my virtual yoga classes? Click here to join.

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