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Yoga Teacher Highlight: Nicarah White

Before we became yoga teachers, we were once and still are students of yoga.

I am sharing some insight from some inspirational yoga teachers I meet over the years.  I hope their stories will inspire and motivate you in your yoga practice.

This week I am highlighting ……. Nicarah White aka @Crazysexyyogi

SFCY: Tell us a little bit about yourself :)

Nicarah: My name is Nicarah White I am a certified Yoga Teacher and Owner of Ah! Massage at the Zen Zone located in the Bahamas.

SFCY: How did you get introduced to yoga and when did yoga get serious?

Nicarah: I first got introduced to Yoga by my mother, she took my sister and me to the Ashram to practice a few times. Yoga got serious for me 5 yrs ago. 

SFCY: Can you share the biggest challenges you faced as a yoga teacher?

Nicarah: One of my biggest challenges as a teacher is managing my time for my personal practice, teaching as well as running a full Day Spa and Mobile Wellness business. 

SFCY: Where do you find your motivation to keep teaching?

Nicarah: I get my motivation from my want to push myself further and my students being inspired by me, and wanting to make changes in their lives. 

SFCY: What was your most embarrassing moment teaching a yoga class?

Nicarah: The most embarrassing moment was when I first started my group classes, we were warming up and I was the only one sweating profusely. I looked around and everyone was DRY, totally forgetting I had a quick warm-up before class started. Felt like the oddball out! 

SFCY: How did yoga influence your life beyond teaching?

Nicarah: Yoga has taught me patience. That is the number one thing that has Yoga has shifted in my everyday life.

Photo credit: @crazysexyyogi

SFCY: What does your typical day look like?

Nicarah: My days are just like I am, sometimes really fast-paced and energetic and others really chill and relax. It's all about Balance. I work hard so I can play hard! 

SFCY: What type of yoga classes do you offer?

Nicarah: I LOVE teaching Aerial yoga. It's something I fell in love with and I'm very passionate about it. I love seeing people reach new levels of their flexibility.

SFCY: What are your future plans/goals/dreams for your yoga teaching business?

Nicarah: I offer Aerial, Vinyasa, Restorative and Yin Yoga. I also teach Kids and Family Yoga. 

SFCY: Any tips for passionate people who interested in becoming a yoga teacher?

Nicarah: To any passionate aspiring yoga teachers, I would say "Just do it", save your money, do your research, be prepared to start your journey (the right headspace) and remain true to yourself and share your journey. More times they are others looking to relate to similar beings, so it's nice to be a part of a community of like-minded people even if we look different physically.  

SFCY: How can people get in touch with you? Website? Social Media?

Find me via Instagram: @crazysexyyogi

My business website and all social media are Ah! Massage at the Zen Zone

Well, that sums up this week's Yoga Teacher Highlight. If you want to be featured send an email to Namaste!


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Well, that sums up this Week's Yogi Spotlight. If you want to be featured send an email to Namaste!


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About the Author:

Kenya Marsh is the founder of SimplyFitandCurvyYoga (SFCY) and Author of several books including Your Yoga Journey: A Great Way to Start. As a wife, stay-at-home mom of two, and yoga teacher. Kenya knows how challenging and beneficial a steady yoga practice can be. She understands it can be hard to start a new yoga journey alone. She created this website, along with courses, books, and more materials to help provide support to busy yogis elevate their yoga practice.

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