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Let's Build Your Yoga Practice Together

I help yoga beginners discover how yoga can help them breathe, flow and Grow with ease, so they can have the increase their flexibility, become stronger, and have a peace of mind.




I'm an adjunct Yoga Professor and Yoga Coach helping yoga beginners.

After experiencing the frustrations and limitations of not having the proper support to help me on my yoga journey.  I decided to help new yoga students pursue their yoga journey with ease and support.

I believe that you deserve to practice yoga that fits your schedule and your unique body.  I also believe that yoga coaching is a great tool to help you can clarity and be able to practice with a purpose.

Ready to purse your  yoga practice with clarity and purpose?

What I Can  Do For You:

My Clients Succeed with...

  • Regaining flexibility after having a baby

  • Finally being able to touch their toes without pain

  • Being able to confidently lift their body weight

  • Feel more relaxed in any situations

  • Have a deeper understanding of their self and gifts

  • Heal their inner child

Anything and EVERYTHING is possible with your yoga journey.
BECAUSE, it takes you within, to your purpose and leads you to new opportunities where SUCCESS is waiting.
Together we will...
Create a plan that will help you be confident in your SELF BELIEF.
  • Let go of your 'Self-doubts' and EMBRACE your SELF-WORTH
  • Say adios to serial academic learning to unlock your inner wisdom in SELF-KNOWING.
  • Stop pleasing others, define your boundaries and stand up in your own SELF-COMPASSION.
  • Define your needs and watch as they materializes in your life, living in SELF-TRUST
  • Focus on yourself, whole-heartedly giving the Universe the signal that you are ready for success and potential in full on SELF-LOVE.
I make sure to give my clients the utmost attention and dedication they deserve. Check out what’s being said about Simply Fit and Curvy Yoga, and see why a yoga session can be life changing.

What Clients are saying...


I liked this course a lot because it gave me new ideas and I learned new positions on how to relax my body and get calm when either I'm frustrated or having a stressful day. It was an easy class and was just very helpful in all ways. Helped the mind and my body stay calm and relaxed. - Faizan

Let’s Get To Work

In addition to providing a reliable source of information on all things fitness, I offer a variety of services that will help you achieve your goals. Take a look at my services and choose the one that works best for your needs. Spots are filling up fast—reserve yours today.

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 Yoga Training & Mentoring

If you've been trying to take your yoga practice to new heights and struggle doing it on your own, 7-week program will take you from feeling stuck and overwhelmed - to practicing with ease and consistency Live with Me. 


Live Instruction with me +100% online

A Proven Plan & Step-by-Step roadmap

Everything you need to Elevate your Practice



Free trainings to help you Ignite Your Yoga Practice

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Elevated Yoga Academy

Self-paced Programs to help you take your yoga practice to the next level.


Private Coaching

Want to work with me privately to achieve your goals as quickly & efficiently as possible?

I work with a limited number of private coaching clients each year. This is a good fit for you if you want coaching and support to set you up for success. I offer a variety of packages tailored to your needs. 

If you're ready to show up, invest in yourself, and commit to doing the work...Let's talk

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What Makes Me Different

My Promise To You

I bring 8 years worth of experience of practicing yoga, paired with my 6 years of yoga teaching. 

I am on a mission to help as many yoga beginners as I can achieve the same success.

I've helped many newcomers (just like you) pivot to practicing yoga and being able to unlock new found flexibility and strength. I'm here to help you find more time to reach your goals, feel healthier and have a pace of mind. 


You don't have to do this Alone

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