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Are you ready to start your yoga journey?

Welcome to Elevate Your Practice Level 1

Here you will find all your basic needs and resources to help you start your yoga journey.


Hi, I'm Kenya

Your Very own...

 Personal yoga teacher.  Here to help you elevate your mind and body. 


 I know all too well how it feels to be a beginner – unfamiliar, overwhelmed, scary, intimidating – and I also know the support and guidance that a beginner yogi needs.


Hence the reason I created this experience, to provide you the support I never received when I started my yoga journey at home years ago.

Shall we embark on this yoga journey?


Come join me. 

Elevated Studio

Welcome to Level 1 

The classes below have been hand-selected to introduce a variety of postures, sequences, and intentions. 

Choose which one speaks to you, unroll your yoga mat, and let's get started. 


Discover Yoga 

Free 7-Day Challenge

Need to bring some peace and calm to your life?


Mindfulness and meditation are just what you need!!

Join this challenge to get a 7-day program introducing mindfulness and meditation.


  • You will get daily prompts explaining how to do sitting meditation

  • Daily mindfulness checks at the end of each day.