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4 Wall Yoga Poses to Try

4 Wall Yoga Poses to Try especially if you are a yoga beginner

Practicing yoga on the wall provides great benefits. It allows you to focus on your breath, reduce stress, and relax your mind.

Give these wall stretches a try ⬇️

1. #viparitakarani or #legsupthewallpose

This pose helps you gently stretch your hamstrings, glutes, and more. Plus helps reduce stress and calm the mind.

2. #wallbutterflypose or #baddhakonasana on the wall

The benefits are the same as mentioned above plus open the hips

3. #walleyeodtheneedle or #sucirandhrasana at the wall

The benefits or the same as above plus allows you to focus on opening up one side at a time.

4. #Lotuspose or #padmasana

Helps you stretch the joints around your knees, hip flexors, and ankles. Plus opening up the hips.

Save this to practice later.😉

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