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How to Practice Yoga at Home

Once you build a habit of doing yoga daily you will begin to feel these amazing benefits; relaxation, focus, increased energy, strength, and flexibility are just a few starters.

Deeper still, the practice of yoga can stimulate our vagus nerve, a sensory transmitter for “feeling good” which begins at the base of our brain and is connected to our major internal organs; lung, heart, stomach etc.

When this nerve is firing not only do we feel content, safe and at peace but a signal is sent back requesting we do more of what made that nerve respond in the first place!

Essentially, practicing yoga makes us feel so good that … we want to do more yoga.

So if you are wondering how do you get started so you can start to experience these feelings. Here are a few things you need to get started.

Your Yoga Starter Kit


Yoga Mat

The come in all colors, and sizes. Try to look for one that has the anti-slip technology. This way if you hands get sweaty or sweat drips from your body you did not have to worry about slipping. Gaiam makes great options.

Light blanket (optional)

As you are at home, it may be nice to have a light blanket to cover your body during savasana (laying down and taking rest), even a rolled-up hand towel can be a perfect eye pillow for extra relaxation.

Comfy Clothing

Special yoga clothing is not needed but it is necessary to have comfortable clothing that stretches. A baggy t-shirt distracts, it will hang over your head in down dog and expose your belly in inversions.

Yoga Block or Strap

These two come in handy especially if you are having trouble reaching your toes during folding postures. If you don't not have access to any of these you can use a tie/belt and books.

Note: If you are using your phone to listen to music and or follow along on a class (Make sure you have your phone on do not disturb this way you will not be distracted. Just make sure you turn that mode off when you are done.)


Chose a place in your home that has an even, clean floor and is free of drafts. Decide whether you would like to practice with music or any other items to “vibe up” your space like incense or a candle.


Chose a time that the house will be relatively free of distractions. It could be when you wake up, when the kids are at school or if practicing with them, perhaps a Saturday morning. Stick to that time, make it regular but know that when life throws a schedule curve, even a 5 to 10-minute practice can change your day for the better!


If you are following a video, feel free to pause it when you need to work on something, remember this is your practice, the video should be seen as a guide. If you are doing self-practice, fantastic!

Remember to always be conscious of maintaining your breath and know even for regular practitioners, it’s hard to stay on the mat and focus, a little music and patience go a long way.

Here is a nice mini flow you can give a try.


Remember nothing happens overnight, just continue to practice one day at a time and all else will fall into place.


Here is a nice journal you can use to keep track of your progress.

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