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Are you new to yoga and want to know where to start?

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

You are not alone. We all started at this very point. Today, you will learn some tips on how a beginner can start yoga at home.

Many yogis once asked this question....How should a beginner start yoga at home?

Yoga pose

If that question came across your mind, then you are in the right place.

Here are 5 key tips that will help begin your yoga practice at home.

Tip #1 - Think about Why you want to practice

Think about the following questions

What pulled you into this yoga energy?

Do you already know someone who is practicing yoga who inspired you to start?

Is something that intrigued you from Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, or TikTok?

Are you trying to heal from an injury?

Are you looking to increase your flexibility?

What comes to mind when you read those questions? Knowing the answer will help you start with a focus point. This will help you know what you want to achieve.

Tip #2 - Figure out where will you practice

Starting a yoga journey at home is rewarding. You are saving yourself from frustrations of driving in traffic, you get to save money on gas, and you do not have to worry about parking.

But even though you are home, you want to pick a designated space that you will practice. Somewhere that is free from clutter and distractions. Think of a space that you can transform into your home studio. You want a room in your house that you can move around without worrying about breaking anything. Somewhere you can practice without interruptions.

This could be your bedroom, living room, family room, or basement. Which one makes the most sense to you.

Once you pick a space. Add some pillows, maybe some candles and set the mood with your music of choice. (This all could be done over time as you get use to practicing yoga.)

"Starting a yoga practice at home is not hard. The key is to Start." - Kenya

Tip #3 - Think about how long you can practice

When you are new to yoga, the best thing to do is start off once a week with a 20-minute to 30-minute yoga flow for beginners and see how you feel afterwards. Then gradually try increase the time videos you pick or increase the amount of days you practice. Until you are practicing daily.

Just remember to pace yourself and take breaks as you need to.

Tip #4 - Think about what you will practice

Feel free to check out some Hatha Yoga Flows or Yin Yoga. Both are great for beginners to get started on their yoga journey. These styles are gentle and are set a nice pace to follow along to. Create playlist on youtube with videos you want to try. You can search for yoga for beginners and will be provided with a large selection.

Tip #5 - Keep practicing.

The more you practice the more progress you will make. Overtime you will start to feel different and the true benefits of yoga. The best part of starting your yoga journey is the growth that you will witness as well as your loved ones. If you have small kids or pets they may even want to enjoy a some of your yoga practice too.

Starting a yoga practice at home as a beginner is not as hard you think. Just take it one day at a time.

If you enjoyed these tips and would like to learn more about yoga plus key foundation yoga flows to help you along on your yoga journey. Enroll into my Discover Yoga Course for Beginners.

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About the Author:

Hey, Kenya here your new yoga bestie!

Allow me to introduce myself. I am a Certified Yoga Coach who loves helping busy moms to create more balance in their lives while reducing stress by practicing yoga on and off the mat. In addition to raising two kids, I am also a course creator and podcast host of "From My Mat to Yours" (available anywhere you listen to your podcast)

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