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Planting Seeds for Personal Growth and a Better World

Personal growth journey

Hey, welcome back! After taking a multi-year break from podcasting, I've decided to return with a fresh new season of "From My Mat to Yours." I needed that time away to go inward and dig deep. My eyes have been opened to a whole different perspective on life after turning 40 and entering this new decade.

As I approach the 10-year anniversary of starting my yoga journey, I felt called to hit the reset button. I'm revisiting my foundations, examining everything through a new lens. I'll be capturing my discoveries, revelations and any struggles along the way, just as I did when I first began. Holding myself accountable by documenting this process is therapeutic for me, and I hope it motivates others to keep striving and not give up. It's never too late to start or restart something - as long as you are breathing, you have a chance to get it right.

This season, I want to share the power of planting seeds. Planting a seed is an act of faith and commitment to the future. When I first embarked on yoga in 2014, I didn't know I would still be on this winding journey a decade later. I'm so grateful to my past self for taking that initial step and putting me on this path. As my present self, I'm making sure to tend to the garden I've grown, strengthening my roots.

Planting that tiny, seemingly insignificant seed and watching it blossom into something vibrant and sustaining is a beautiful metaphor. It mirrors the steps we take towards personal growth while nurturing a better version of ourselves and a greener planet. I've felt an even deeper connection to Mother Earth since getting my dog Egypt. Having to walk her daily, rain or shine, hot or cold, has been so grounding. It's taught me to appreciate nature's rhythms and patterns in a whole new way.

I've learned that growth happens incrementally through small, consistent habits. When I try to take on too much at once, I inevitably struggle and hit walls. But taking it step-by-step, little by little, allows me to make sustainable progress over time in ways I couldn't have imagined. This premise can be applied to any goal - whether a physical practice like yoga or a mental/spiritual one.

During my time away from social media and podcasting, I went down a "spiritual rabbit hole", reading extensively about metaphysics, astrology, human design and other esoteric topics. I'm in awe at the profound connections I've uncovered - concepts that resonated with my inner knowing. I'm starting to see how we are all inter-linked pieces of a grand, cosmic puzzle. And when you focus inward on your own individual "puzzle", tools like astrology can help you understand your inherent gifts and life's purpose.

With the intense energetic shifts and chaos we're experiencing in the world, I believe this is a critical moment for us to turn inward first. We have to do the inner work of nurturing our own lights so we can shine brightest as beacons for others. Before we try to help anyone else, we must first help ourselves - just like on an airplane when you're instructed to secure your own oxygen mask before assisting others. This is a lesson it took me time to truly embody.

I feel there is a hunger right now for authentic stories and "soul food" wisdom that nourishes in a way the prevailing narratives cannot. Each of us has a beautiful gift to share with the world. So I encourage you to find your outlet, your platform for expression, and let your unique energy radiate. Whether through laughter, knowledge, motivation or comfort - now is the time to start spreading your light.

With this relaunch of my podcast, I look forward to continuing my own journey while sharing more insights and lessons with all of you. Let's keep the conversation going and motivate each other in my free inner circle community at We're in this together.

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