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Work on it Wednesday ❤️ Split Tips For Beginners

Working on certain yoga postures can seem impossible at first.

However, the more you practice the more progress you will see.


As a lifetime yoga student and a Certified Yoga Teacher.

I understand the struggles first hand.

Today I want to share you some yoga poses that can help you achieve Hanumanasana or Front Split.

1. Forward fold with a yoga strap or belt

2. Pyramid pose with yoga blocks

3. Lizard Lunge with yoga blocks

4. Runners Stretch

5. Now try a split with a blanket under you

If you are new to practicing yoga and would like to know how to work up to these postures click here for the Intermediate level post.


About the Author:

Kenya Marsh is the founder of SimplyFitandCurvyYoga (SFCY) and Author of several books including Your Yoga Journey: A Great Way to Start. As a wife, stay-at-home mom of two, and yoga teacher. Kenya knows how challenging and beneficial a steady yoga practice can be. She understands it can be hard to start a new yoga journey alone. She created this website, along with courses, books, and more materials to help provide support to busy yogis elevate their yoga practice.

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