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3 Foundation Yoga Poses to Help You Stay Grounded

3 Foundation Yoga Poses to help you stay grounded

Yoga Foundations poses to stay grounded| Simplyfitandcurvyyoga

Part of practice yoga is grounding yourself. We all have a bunch of energies that we absorb from the earth, people, our environment and from within. Being grounded allows you balance out that energy.

A simple practice can start we these foundation poses. There are many other grounding postures but these 3 poses will be a great place to start as beginner.

Mountain Pose

Mountain Yoga Pose for Beginners

Mountain Pose: Stand Tall and Firm with your Intentions & Purpose

Tadasana (Mountain Pose) included in all styles of yoga, acts as a transition and a base pose for almost all standing poses.

This pose teaches you how to Stand Your Ground. It reminds you how powerful and strong you truly are. You get to become aware of the energy your body receives from the ground and and in reverse. The longer you hold this pose, the more you are aware of how you shift your weight.

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Upward Salute

Upward Salute Yoga Pose for Beginners

Upward Salute: Raise your hands and Give Thanks

Upward Salute or Urdhva Hastasana is a great pose to lift your arms and surrender. This pose allows you to gaze up and surrender to your breath. Feel the air flow through you as you give thanks and embrace all the power you have within. Feel how amazing you are for getting this far in your life journey.

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Tree Pose

Tree pose for yoga beginners

Tree Pose: Ground Yourself, Plant Your Roots, and Blossom

Vrksasana (Tree Pose): Become grounded, plant your roots and allow yourself to blossom. You realize we are just like the trees. We go through various seasons in our life. During autumn you loose and shed what no loner serves you. During the Winter you shift your energy to rest and restore yourself and build stronger roots. During the spring, you have keep growing and start to blossom into a wiser, stronger you. During the summer, you get to absorb all the energy from your hard work. As you prepare to thrive and improve.

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3 Foundation Yoga Poses for Beginners

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